Monday, January 19, 2015

Solids and Liquids Part 2: Making Oobleck

In my last post about "Making Butter", I said to check back soon because I'd be blogging about more fun ways to teach 'solids and liquids'... little did I know that it would take me nearly 4 weeks to get to this post. I'm so sorry. I have a tendency to bite off a bit more than I can chew (both literally and figuratively haha!)... sometimes this means my blog gets a bit neglected.

Although this happened before the winter break, our 'Science Discovery Day' was way too much fun not to blog about... even if it did happen nearly a month ago (wow, time flies!!).

Since there are 6 of us teaching grade 2, we all paired up and took control of a 'station' which we set up in our classrooms. Our classes also paired up and traveled from room to room visiting each station throughout the day.

When we were planning the discovery day I knew I had to run a station that involved oobleck. This solid/liquid just fascinates me! (I'll admit, I'm like a child... I get excited by the littlest things!)

Oobleck is really easy to make. All you need is 2 cups of cornstarch for every cup of water.
We added green food coloring to make it look a bit like slime.

This kiddo was having fun doing "magic tricks" with the oobleck:

When you let the oobleck sit, its starts to get all runny. The more you move it around, the more it behaves like a solid.

The moment I caught sight of this little girl, my heart just filled with joy. Ah kids... so carefree and oblivious. You should have seen her face: white powder ALL over!

During my planning period, I just had to sneak a peak at some of the other classes to see how things were going. I will blog about that in Part 3 of my Solids and Liquids series. (The post will include tips on how to make ice cream with your class!!).

To help my students keep new science terms fresh in their minds, I created this fun little game. You can grab it HERE. (UPDATE: This game is undergoing revisions and will be available in my store soon.) The game helps students build science vocabulary in an engaging way!

We are starting our water cycle unit next... I think it just makes sense to teach it next so students can see how solids, liquids and gases connect to the water cycle! I created these word wall cards as another way to reinforce new science terms. You can get these cards HERE.  [Note: In the word wall set, the words "solid", "liquid", "gas", and "matter" are also included].

Alrighty... stay tuned for my ice cream post... I'm hoping I get to it faster than 4 weeks :S  How people manage to blog every day bloggles my mind (ha, get it.. boggles, bloggles)... It's late... I should go to bed... cheesy jokes start when I'm sleep deprived ;)


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