Monday, February 2, 2015

Solids and Liquids Part 3: Making Ice Cream in a Bag

Making ice cream is such a delicious way to show your class how solids, liquids and gases connect to everyday life... especially life in the kitchen!!

During our Discovery Day we made ICE CREAM with the munchkins!! We followed the steps in this YouTube video to make our ice cream:

When you do this activity, you'll need to make sure your students shake the bag REALLY well... otherwise the experiment won't work and you'll have some disappointed kiddos on your hands.

It can get tiring after a while, so we had each student shake the bag for a bit and then they passed it onto the next person.  This way everyone got a chance to be involved as well!

I haven't tested the video below out yet, but it looked too good not to share!! I might make it my little weekend project to test this recipe out...mmm!!

The other Discovery Day station we organized was a pancake station.

Our students sure had fun, and I just loved how each experiment we did showed them the various factors that can turn a liquid into a solid:

1. churning (butter experiment)
2. mixing different substances (oobleck experiment
3. cooling & agitating (ice cream) 
4. heating (pancakes) 

Teaching science vocabulary in an engaging and hands-on way is definitely the best way to get students to understand new terms and concepts in science!
As the proverb goes:
"Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand"

Also, by keeping my Matter Spot It & Steal It game out throughout the year, these important science terms will stay fresh in students' minds! The game is perfect at a center; for early finishers; or for those moment when you just need to fill in 5 minutes before the bell rings!

Now for a little side note:

If you follow my blog and have been waiting for me to put up this post...would you believe that this was ready to go ages ago... I was just hoping to add some pics of my students playing the Matter game before posting.  I'm always forgetting to take these pictures and planned on doing that today...

... then this happened:

Do you see the imprint of my door, ha! Oh, and this is a morning shot... blah... I hate how dark winter mornings are :(

Determined to publish this post no MATTER (pun intended) what... so it doesn't end up staying in my 'drafts' folder forever, I figured maybe the pics of my students having fun with the game will just have to wait!

Posted! Goal accomplished!

Now time to snuggle with my boy while watching a movie!
Snooowwww dayyyy!! Wooo hoo!!


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