Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Liquids & Solids Part 1: Making Butter

Yesterday, we had a special visitor from the dairy farm!

We learned how to make butter!! It was definitely a fun intro to our unit on solids and liquids!!

First, we looked at all the products you can make from milk. I would seriously cry if I ever became lactose intolerant... ice cream, cheese, whipped cream, butter... ohhh... I love dairy!

Next, the munchkins sorted the products.


We had to test out the steps to see what would happen!!!

They had way too much fun with this next step. Do you see my boy in red... he was warming up for his turn! Ha, ha!

This part was important!!

So, after a bit more shaking, it started to look (and sound) just right!

Do you see the butter. It's like MAGIC!


Creamy goodness!

This activity was a great way to inspire some descriptive language because all of our senses were used during the butter making process! 

To  SPICE UP their vocabulary, I modeled other ways of saying “soft”, “smooth”, “yummy”, and “yucky”! Yes, that's right.. 'yucky'... because a few of my kiddos were reluctant to try the butter. They missed out though...  it was absolutely creamy and scrumptious

Check back for my next post, because we'll be having more fun with solids, liquids and gases!!


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