Sunday, December 27, 2015

Time to the hour and half hour {Spot It & Steal It}

With new year's eve creeping up, I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce the concept of time to my lil Cinnabun. He has been showing an interest in watches and telling time, so I figure... why not nurture his interest. Plus, since new years is all about watching the clock strike 12, it just seemed like perfect TIMING ;)

My son loves playing card games so I knew that he would enjoy my new TIME Spot It & Steal It game. The interactive element of the game is just what he needs - he is not into boring worksheets!! This pack comes with hour and half hour cards!

Yesterday we were with the fam so my lil man got to play the game with his cousins! I love how they were learning without even realizing it!!

Here's how to play in pairs: Lay out all the "picture cards" and take turns reading the "spot it" cards. Reading the cards allows kids to practice reading the time in different ways. I have included "spot it" cards that are written in word form and digital form.

Whoever spots the "picture card" that corresponds with the "spot it" card can SPOT IT (or in this case, SWAT it!) & STEAL it!!

You can put this little spin on any of my Spot It & Steal It games if you'd rather have students use the cards in pairs versus groups!! All you need is a fly swatter!

I left my swatters at school so I made my own with a spatula and yogurt lid! I just inserted the paper into the lid and voila - homemade Time Spot It & Steal It swatter done! I actually like it better than a boring ol' fly swatter... so it all worked out!

You can download the template for free HERE.

Later, my nephew wanted to join so we changed the set up to allow for more players.

In this set-up, each kid gets 2-4 cards (depending on how many players) and they take turns reading the "spot it" cards.  Again, if you spot it, you can steal it! The player with the most cards wins!!

You can save your card from being stolen by slapping your card before anyone can steal it!! This element of the game really forces everyone to pay attention! It also increases the FUN factor!

If you want to use this game in your classroom, you can use it in the ways mentioned above (in pairs or small groups)... but you can also play as a class. Just combine a couple of the centres in the pack (there are 4 centre options) to play as a class.

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