Saturday, November 1, 2014

Spice Up Your Vocabulary - Autumn Ideas!

It's funny what can inspire a lesson idea!

This one was inspired by all the gorgeous pumpkins and squash at my local supermarket!

So many wonderful shapesSIZES, colors and texTurES!

The goal of this lesson: Inspire students to be more descriptive by getting them to use their 5 senses.

The activity we did was simple... we focused on writing descriptive words, drawing detailed pictures and labeling.

I encouraged my kiddos to SPICE UP the over-used words "big", "small", "rough", "smooth", "yummy" and "yucky"... but they also came up with some great adjectives on their own.  It just goes to show how students are more likely to write descriptively if their senses are immersed in the experience! I was impressed!

If you would like to try this with your class, you can grab a copy of my 5 SENSES BOOKLET HERE.  It's FREE [Update: I've taken this freebie down as I'm working on updating it to make it better]! You can also use my PICTURE THESAURUSES to spice up your students' writing throughout the year!

Now, grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte (don't tell me this post didn't leave you craving something pumpkin flavored!) and check out some more fall ideas from my Lesson Deli friends!


  1. This is an awesome lesson! I am certainly going to share it in my Pinterest board- Writing That Rocks! Thanks for sharing!


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