Sunday, July 13, 2014

TPT Goes to... VEGAS BABY!!!

This weekend, Teacher's Pay Teachers had their very first TPT conference. What an honor it was to be a part of this experience.  The energy in the room during the keynote was electrifying! 

To hear Paul Edelman, the founder of TPT, speak of his journey was inspiring. This guy is the most humble person you could ever meet. He took the time to meet all the teachers; popped his head into all the conference sessions that were taking place; and even kept his promise to hug each and every one of us (there were more than 800 people at the conference)! Let me tell you, Paul's hug was the best hug ever... not one of those half-hearted side hugs! My friend Jenn from The Teacher Next Door was laughing that my hug was a bit long... uh... I couldn't help it.. I see a genius, and I want to squeeze him tight in hopes of maybe having some of that brilliance travel onto me by osmosis. I think it worked! I felt a bit changed after that moment!

I also got to meet some people I've admired since I started my journey with TPT: Deanna Jump, Amy Lemons, and Rachel Lynette.  

Amy Lemons' blog, Step Into Second Grade, is one of my favorite teaching blogs... so I was pretty excited when I got to meet her! When I decided to start blogging, I never imagined that my first post would include an awesome pic with my blogging guru! Pretty darn sweet! What a great way to start my blogging journey!

Deanna Jump is such a ray of sunshine.  She was one of the keynote speakers...and after hearing her speech, I couldn't help but start to speak in a Georgian accent myself. Um, it's actually kind of coming out as I speak in my head right now y'all.

RACHEL LYNETTE! I loved every single person I met at the conference, I really did... BUT Rachel Lynette just blew me away. I could have listened to her speak ALL day. The whole time she did her presentation I just kept thinking: Wow, what an honor... I am getting to hear all of her wisdom and insight first hand! Her presentation was funny and engaging... and her presence... let me tell you, she might be small, but her presence is anything but!  After listening to her speak I just wanted to go straight back into my hotel room to put everything into action. I think we all did. I love you Rachel Lynette! You are awesome!

At the end of the conference, Rachel presented this beautiful collage to Paul. I feel pretty stoked to have my lil Cinnamon on here. 

Can you find me?  That's my logo in its earliest form!

The night before the conference I got to hang out with some amazing teachers I've been collaborating with over the past few months. 

These teacherpreneurs are incredible! 
I'm with my girls April, Jenn, Pam and Kristin.

I convinced the girls that as scary as it looked, we should face our fears and go on the High Roller ferris wheel. There is a reason you can't see it in this pic... it's only the highest ferris wheel in the world! This is our scared face (oops.. I guess the pose message didn't quite make it to Pam and Jenn on the right!). 

image from this site.

I stayed in Vegas for a couple of days after the conference. 
Dynelle Dunn is the funniest girl ever! She had me in stitches every time we hung out.  Although standing in a massively long line up is not my idea of fun (we were lined up at Carlo's Bake Shop), doing it with Dynelle was a different story. At one point she had me laughing so hard that I was crying. She is a little comedian, this one.

And last but DEFINITELY not least.. here's me with my girl Kristin from One Stop Teacher Shop. I love this girl. Before I met her, I had been secretly admiring her teacherpreneurship skills as well as her amazing teaching resources, for a while... and I'm in awe at how the universe works. If you believe in the power of putting things out there in the universe and trusting that events can align to make your wishes a reality - then you can appreciate that I really believe my friendship with Kristin is a result of this cosmic phenomena. (The whole story could be its own blog post, I think!)

We took this pic in her hotel room. (In a year, I will explain why we did! I know this sounds mysterious, but trust me, it's better I wait).

I LOVE this quote. This is exactly how I feel right now! It explains why, two ladies in Vegas would rather spend their time working away on their laptops instead of roaming casinos and Vegas hot spots.  This is called finding your passion, having a vision, and not being distracted even in the most stimulating place on the planet!

First blog post: done! Gosh, I never realized I had so much to say. I think I just might be able to do this whole bloggin' thing after all.  Thanks for listening to me yap away... and if you made it to the end... wow, I'm flattered!


  1. WOW!!!! Neetu you are an amazing blogger! I loved this post! You had me in tears by the end. Knowing your insecurities and your hesitation to do this, I think you created one awesome first post! What a great topic for a first post anyway! Loved your pics - just wish I had been there to meet you, too!

    For the Love of Teaching

    1. Kim, I wish you had been there too! Next year baby!! Next year! Thanks for your kind words :)

  2. I wish I had been able to go! Your post is fab:D

  3. I love those pictures!! It was such an amazing time... I miss you and all the other amazing girls!

  4. My sweet beautiful Neetu, how could you possible be nervous? My goodness! This is an amazing post! You got this!!!!

    Rockin Resources Blog

  5. Hey Lovely
    Your blog is ADORABLE, love it to bits. Keep in touch with me buddy!
    First Grade Fun with Mrs. Dunn

  6. Wish I had been able to meet you in person. So glad I can work with you on TheLessonDeli!

  7. Neetu.....I just love your blog! I think your first post is perfect. It feels like I'm listening to an old friend are so positive and down to earth! You are inspiring me to get busy and get my own blog together. Keep up the good work! :) Jen

  8. Jen, you are so sweet. Thank you!

  9. I had a ton of fun meeting you in Vegas! Hopefully we will meet there again ;o)

    One Stop Teacher Shop

  10. Hi there! I've just found out your blog through a pin and I'm glad I did!
    I'm commenting on your first pot for two reasons: I really liked to see a picture of Jenn (The Teacher Next Door) and your logo is right above mine on the mosaic :)
    Your blog looks great! I'm following now.


    1. Hi Lucy!! It’s so nice to ‘meet’ my mosaic neighbor! Thanks for checking out my blog!


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